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How To: Trace Mobile Number Owner India

Trace any mobile owner in India and trace mobile number in India with a free application. Get details of any mobile number throughout the India.

Are you looking to get the details of any mobile number owner? But confused how to get that information? Well here is an application for android/iOS which will help you trace the mobile owner information without any headache. This is a simple process, Just input the mobile number of the unknown caller and you will get the further details of it.

Now you can easily trace any mobile number in India using our easy guide. The mobile number to be traced can be followed by the name, address and other location details which are available with the server.

Many of the young generation are eager to know who called you, from where the number called you. Well this application will satisfy all your needs. If you aren’t using a compatible mobile phone then you can trace the number using their official Website. You can also Port your Number in India by easy guide.



What is true caller?

True caller is an online application launched by team of developers which helps you get the caller id of the number. For an unknown number, you will get to know the basic details like, Person using it, Location of the caller. This is simple app which can work on WiFi/3g and also now its supported by edge i.e. 2g network.

How it works?

It works online by grabbing the details from their servers. When you input a number, the number goes to their servers from where the data is fetched to show you the available details. If a new number is being traced, then its chance that the number wont be shown up because of data yet to update.


Its features and quality

The basic features which this app provides you with are –

  • Look any mobile or landline number throughout the world.
  • Caller ID function. ( Requires wifi/3g)
  • Block spam callers (helps to avoid answering spam calls)
  • Facebook supported. (get latest status updates)
  • Phone book update. (keep your contacts updated with Facebook display pictures and any other data)
  • Call history – all data of incoming and outgoing calls