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How to Port Mobile Number in India [APRIL 2024 Update]

Step Guide to Port Mobile Number in India, Detailed SMS Instructions for MNP in India, Change SIM Company MNP Process for Free in India. Vodafone to Jio Port, Idea to Jio Port, Airtel to Jio Port Mobile

mnp mobile number port india onlineNow you can easily change the mobile operator company of your number without changing the number. This porting facility allows you to change the network from one to another without changing the mobile number.

If you are not interested to change your number and you are not satisfied with the network operator you are using, then you got an option in your hand. Yes, you can simply port your previous mobile operator into your choice one operator which is better than the previous one. If you are experiencing low signals problem or any other problem, and are not happy with the network, then simply change your mobile number network in only Rs. 19

This service applies to all the networks and is a one-time charge service. Some of the operators also provide better schemes and rates for the person who is coming to their company by changing the operator. Also, it is a good service for the people who are sad with the services and tariff plans of their current networks which they might be using.

Moreover, now you can simply trace any unknown number and get the place the mobile number and see the desired details of the number you want to know.

So to change your network from your old one to your new choice, simply follow the steps which are given below and enjoy MNP ( Mobile Number Portability )

[APRIL 2024 Update] with Latest Information, Plans, SMS Number for MNP

Port Mobile Number MNP Change Company in India Steps

Find out the best suitable network you want to change from your old network. Check the best offers and deals they are providing. If not interested then simply ignore this step.

Now, you have to send a FREE SMS to TRAI INDIA who will approve your porting ask. To make your request, please send the following SMS,

PORT [your mobile number] to 1900

mobile number mnp vodafone

Now you will receive a porting number, which you to keep safe for further use. Using this porting number only you will be able to make your request go ahead.
port mobile number mnp india

Visit your nearby office of the company in which you want to port taking all the required documents. For eg. I am porting my number from Vodafone to Airtel, so I will go to the Airtel office along with the needed documents.

Required documents include

Your identity proof.  [ like  driving license, voter id card, PAN number or any bill ]

One photograph.

The contacting person there will help you and take a one-time charge fess and hand a new sim to you.

How this works, the process of Porting Mobile Numbers?

When you visit the nearby office with all the documents and the porting number, they will hand over to you a new sim. Now your task is over and you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone about the porting details and it usually takes place on the 7th working day of your submission. It is port in the night-time so your work won’t get affected. On the porting night, your old sim will get deactivated and the new sim activation process. Now you have to simply change your old sim and replace it with your new SIM. All done you are now on the ported carrier of your choice!

Its high demand for Jio portability requests as People are moving to Reliance Jio, the plan and the benefits customers are getting while using Jio. But now, they have not opened up the line for porting into Jio from any other operator. Stay tuned to this page to know the latest news about the same.

(APRIL 2024 Update) Many people are requesting us to update the status of Porting into JIO.

So we are happy to announce that you can easily port out from any mobile operator to Reliance Jio by following the above steps and then visit the nearest Reliance Digital Life Store where they help in documentation and Aadhaar Linking and Verification of the Aadhaar Card.