How to delete your facebook account completely

This tutorial will help you how to delete yourself completely from Facebook by deleting your Facebook account.

So you want to delete your Facebook account completely? Yes this is possible if you want to remove yourself from Facebook world if you are not interested in reactivating it in future. If you are deleting your Facebook account due to harassment or any other violent behavior from someone, then cool down and proceed to the other step which will help you to report against the person who is harassing you or causing harm to you.

Facebook offers deactivate service to everyone via the account settings but gives limited access to delete option by not giving the delete option directly in the account settings. One if interested in deleting the account needs to search the support topics and then its possible.

We will be providing you with the direct delete option from Facebook which will help you to delete it in just single click. It also offers revert back period i.e. if anyone log in before the deadline then the delete process for that particular account will be dismissed.

It is provided to ensure no one takes advantage of this option by hacking into somebody account and then deleting it instantly. The instant delete option has not been provided perhaps Facebook will provide you with other details like the deadline period and the after date of the deletion process.


One is also secure if his mind changes from getting deleted so that he can have again access to the account. After applying for deletion process, the Facebook team gives a deadline and grace period, if the user logs in the grace period then automatically the deletion process will be cancelled and one can use the account as earlier it was used to be.

delete facebook account completely

Be sure before proceeding for the deletion process, check the following things carefully-

  • Ensure you have removed all the important data from your account like photos and other useful materials.
  • Before proceeding, make sure you are only aware of the password, else the process maybe cancelled if other user logs in.
  • Note down the contact numbers, if necessary, of your  most contacted and known friends. [ extra helpful ]
  • If you are owner of any page, make sure to shift it to your known one, else it could also be removed from Facebook.
  • If you are a developer, take the extra proceedings for the same to make sure it is safe and backup of your applications.

If you are aware of all of the things mentioned above then you can proceed further and delete your Facebook account.

To Delete your Facebook Account Completely, Please Click HERE


Note- Make sure, the account you are deleting doesn’t have any secure or personal important information, as if it gets deleted once, you wont be able to get it back. 


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