Best iPhone Cydia Tweaks Must Have Mods

Best iPhone Cydia Tweaks and Mods to apply on your iPhone! Now change something you want and enjoy your customized iPhone looks!

iPhone is incomplete without having these must have mods and tweaks installed in your device. These mods and tweaks compatible with cydia makes your device super sexy and also unique from the default one.

As all of you are aware, by default apple ships out the iPhone in a simple dynamic view and user interface. But one gets bore and also needs to have some super tweaks and hacks for it. So to make it more interesting and to give it a super new look we can have these must have tweaks installed in device. But remember to have these tweaks you need to have cydia in your device, i.e. your iPhone must be jail broken else you cant use such tricks in your device.


These tweaks include from theme change to icons change in user interface and other mods in the settings, like WiFi booster to boost the WiFi range. Also one can add different effects in the device using these tweaks. Also you can do other mods when you get aware of the how to install and what purpose the mod is for.

I recommend my own personal mods and tweaks which make your device performs faster and its performance is increase by 40% !! Also you can enjoy with the user interface which includes modifying the default theme and the lock screen. Some of the tweaks also make your iPhone perform faster and save your battery backup of iPhone.


List of tweaks-

Audio Recorder – Record your iPhone Calls

Barrel– 3D effects to your icon Pages

biteSMS – Alternate to the inbuilt message app with a new style and new features!

BlurriedNCBackground– Blur the notification centre behind screen.

Chrome download Manager– To enable download feature in Chrome App.

Circles for iPhone– Best theme for your iPhone

iCleaner– Cleans your iphone of junk files and caches occupying the space for no use!

iCon renamer– Rename the icons of your apps with your own choice!

iFile– File manager and viewer for the iPhone files and content system.

iThemesky– Provides you with best iPhone fonts, Lockscreens, Wallpapers and Themes!

JellyLock– Replaces the stock lockscreen with Jellybean Lock type!

Kuaidial– Multi call features including blacklist, call history increase, dial pad features and much more.

LocallAPStore– Helps you to get in-app purchases for free without paying!

PasswordPilot– No need to input your appstore password again and again!

SBSettings– The most used feature of iPhone, helps you to provide with shortcuts on your one single touch, includes- Airplane mode, enable disable data, wifi, and much more.

Springtomize2– The way you want to customize the icons and every other settings and display features of iPhone.

WiFi booster– Boosts your WiFi connection.

Zeppelin– Replace your carrier name with an image!


Some of the screenshots of the above tweaks given below-


jello lock on iphone


download circle theme iphone

Circles Theme

best cydia tweaks online 2013

Blurrd Notification Centre