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How to Enable FeedBurner Email Subscriptions For WordPress Blog

Enable Free FeedBurner Email Subscriptions in WordPress Blog to increase Traffic, Keep Readers Update of Blog Posts by Emails.

Do you want your visitors to be aware of your blog posts and updates automatically? Enabling FeedBurner email subscription for a WordPress blog helps you to increase blog traffic and page views. By using this Free FeedBurner email subscription Feature, your readers are kept updated about your Blog Posts and also it helps you to get more post views and hence increasing your website rank.

Make sure you have an Active Blog and you are updating its content thus not acting alike an Inactive Blog. If you are updating regularly your Blog, and are not aware of doing Complete WordPress Site Backup in 1 Click, we request you to read our Post on How To Do Backup Of Your WordPress Blog Posts to make your Blog Safe from Hackers and Complete WordPress Blog Backup in your Computer Weekly.

Enabling FeedBurner Email Subscriptions is a must step for a blog that is growing in the number of Readers and Visitors are increasing Daily. FeedBurner Email Subscriptions not only increase your Blog Traffic but also help you increase User Engagement on your Blog.

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Enable FeedBurner Email Subscriptions WordPress Blog Steps:

  • Let’s Open the Website
  • Login using your Google Account

FeedBurner Email Subscriptions WordPress Blog

  • Input your Website Address for which you want to Activate FeedBurner Email Subscriptions. It can be or

FeedBurner Email Subscriptions WordPress Steps

  • Now Identify Feed Source of your Blog you want to Activate the email Subscriptions for. You may select it as per your requirement but to ensure your Reader gets Blog Posts Updates, Select RSS FEED Option.

FeedBurner Email Subscriptions Guide

  • Write a name for your Feed you want to show to your Audience and a Feed Address. Your Feed Address can be customized. It will be shown as (For LabsHAB)

FeedBurner Email Subscriptions Blogging Guide

  • You are done Creating FeedBurner Email Subscriptions for WordPress Blog. Next options on-screen help you select many options such as Clickthroughs, FeedBurner Stats, etc. Choose as per your need.

FeedBurner Steps

FeedBurner Email WordPress Blog Embed

  • To Activate FeedBurner Email Subscriptions Service, Select Publicize Tab

FeedBurner Email Subscriptions Of Your WordPress Blog Posts

  • Select the Email Subscription option on Left Side under Services List.

feedburner for wordpress

  • Click on Activate to Finally Complete the Activation Step for Activating FeedBurner Email Subscriptions for your WordPress Blog.

feedburner and wordpress

  • Once the FeedBurner Email Subscriptions Service is activated, you will be provided with a Subscriptions Form Code which will help you to integrate on your WordPress Blog. Select it and Copy the Code.

feedburner subscription wordpress

Steps to Integrate FeedBurner Email Subscriptions using Widgets in WordPress Blog

  • Login to WordPress Blog Admin Dashboard.
  • Open up the Widgets Option from WordPress Admin Dashboard

wordpress plugin for feedburner widget

  • Select Text Widget and place it on your Desired Location as per Need (Left, Right SideBar, Header, Footer, Etc.)
  • Copy Paste the code you copied earlier from FeedBurner Email Subscriptions Activation Window.


Enable FeedBurner Email Subscriptions WordPress blog

You just finished activating FeedBurner Email Subscriptions on your WordPress Blog. Don’t forget to share it with your friends who are also in need of this Simple Tutorial.